PIELLE is a partnership firm as a multi-role, multi-disciplinary, communication management firm we operate internationally through a carefully structured network of joint ventures, strategic and tactical partnerships.

If international public relations is preparative (cultivating the operating environment) , situational (dealing with a single issue or situation), or promotional

( supporting national, regional or global marketing) we can also point to successes in devising, developing and delivering public relations programmes to establish mutually beneficial economic, cultural and political relations with international institutions and the publics of other nations.

We can be as proud of our work delivering award winning communication led public health and public education programmes in South and South East Asia and Africa as we can for the successes we have had with inward investment and trade promotion and tourism campaigns for a number of countries and states of countries from developed economies and, importantly, those from the emerging economies.

As the centre of gravity of the global economy has moved we have taken steps to provide a one-stop-shop, a consortium of businesses capable of providing the full spectrum of professional and operational services needed to build a successful business, brand or manufacturing operation in the UK or Europe from Warehousing and logistics to accounting, finance and fundraising, HR and public relations and brand building.

The World Bank has estimated that some 30 per cent of aid and development programmes fail to achieve their objectives because of a failure to use communication to engage and enthuse those directly involved. Our approach to international public relations is intended to ensure that we have the appropriate professional expertise needed to deliver communication strategies and programmes that can reduce political and operational risk and increase the economic benefits of globalisation.